Lisa MarciaI’m Lisa! *virtual hand wave* Welcome to the Soul Collective! I’m so glad you’re here and I hope you feel welcome. Come on in, have a seat, a cup of coffee and hang out for a while.

A Little About Little Lisa

I started writing back when I was 8 years old. There is a lot of great material about sibling rivalry and my latest crushes packed into my purple + pink ballet shoe diary. In 2005, I got serious about blogging as a means of journaling. I established some territory over on a personal blog and quickly outgrew my name sake site because I wanted to write about more than recipes and DIY.

I decided to write my story as it was happening.


How I Got to Now

I quit a corporate fundraising job in California, moved to Georgia in 2010 + my business was birthed. I also birthed some cute babies. The last 5 years been an adventure to say the least.

For a while, I longed for what blogging use to be. Organic life stories shared by real people. It was the struggle displayed on my favorite blogs (before #thestrugglewasreal hashtag), that captured my heart and propelled me into sharing. The feeling of knowing someone was in step with your story, without meeting them, allowed me connected and know them based on where our journeys intersected.

I’ve grown my business writing others’ stories; listening to their hearts, interpreting what’s not said, and pressing publish. I’ve created marketing strategies + increased businesses bottom lines with copy writing and social media influence.

But there was a lingering as time went on. Calling me back to where I started. Writing. My first love. My vantage point is uniquely mine, but fully acknowledges that none of us are alone and so my perspectives might come from a different experience, but the feelings of those experiences I’ve found to be universal themes.

Bear with me as I peek out from behind the veil of my titles: mom, ministry wife, pastors kid, business owner, friend, daughter, [insert any other ‘title’] I’ve been viewed through.

The Disclaimer

It won’t be neat and tidy. Editing might stink (beware!) Emotions might will flow freely. Remember, no one owns your story or your perspective but you.

That’s the place I write from.

My desire: My writing would be simple enough to resonate within your spirit in some serendipitous meeting of souls. That is would challenge you, inspire and encourage you towards becoming a bigger you. The person we have always desired to be. It’s already in us, we just have to be willing to live in the freedom of our stories.

43 random things about me

  1. Marcia is my last name (pronounced Mar-Cee) not ‘Marsha’ + it doesn’t rhyme with Garcia either. It’s French.
  2. I’m a California native, with an ATL relocation. I love the seasons here!
  3. My husband traveled with bands + artists his entire life. Everyone always asks me if I sing. Nope, unless car dance parties and shower serenades count.
  4. I have many different sites I run. Two of my favorites are The Little Mustard Seed + Work at Home Mom University.
  5.  I once wrote a book about branding and website DIY. It was pretty daunting and it took me some TIME!
  6. I completed a 1/2 marathon – and I HATE running.
  7. My cravings during both of my pregnancies were tater tots and crushed ice. Sonic was my go-to place.
  8. I played the piano for 5 years. My mom always told me when I got older, I’d be disappointed I didn’t continue. She was right.
  9. I graduated with my B.A. in marketing in 3.5 years instead of 4 because I was determined to finish college before I got married. I once took 24 credits in one semester.
  10. I’m a recovering, self-thought, dysfunctional, extrovert. Really what that means is I read this book and discovered I was an outgoing introvert. Only took me 28 years to figure it out.
  11. I love hydrangeas and roses. One time, we got to live on a street named Hydrangea! My grandmother always had roses surrounding her property and took me to a rose garden once in Oregon.
  12. I use to have an annual pass to Disneyland when I lived in CA. It was the best free date night!
  13. I’m known to be a snob about Mexican Food and Sushi. If there is queso on the menu, it’s not Mexican + California rolls (however good) aren’t sushi. See? What a snob.
  14. I love Jesus. I’m working on loving people better.
  15. I go to counseling and I LOVE it. It’s kinda like having a confidant that doesn’t think your life is crazy – and just in case anyone is wondering… counseling doesn’t mean you’re messed up or crazy. Think ‘tools.’ Lots of tools to use!
  16. Lunch is my favorite meal.
  17. I played soccer for 12 years.
  18. When I was born, I had hip-dysplasia + had to be in a body sling to correct my legs and feet.
  19. I will always have a REAL christmas tree. It’s my thing.
  20. I love to research. It’s admittedly a geeky obsession to explore my best options on something.
  21. Motherhood is teaching me about my efficiency obsession. I don’t always have to “fix” it because it’s not always broken.
  22. I got married at 22.
  23. I use to work as a barista and got pretty good at doing this.
  24. The Notebook is admittedly my favorite movie. Because the story being about the story she wrote as a memoir — Genius.
  25. I might talk about my relationship with the Lord, but that doesn’t mean I’m pushing it on you. Just sharing a piece of my soul since the site is kinda about sharing soul things and I can’t separate efficiently, so I won’t try.
  26. My Dad is 6’4, my Mom is 5’4. My brothers are 6’7 and 6’5. I’m 5’6.
  27. Yellow has been my favorite color since I was a little girl.
  28. I did not have a rebellious streak being a Pastor’s Kid.
  29. Growing up I rode horses a lot with my best friend. I dream of owning a horse one day.
  30. I worked at an Italian restaurant + pretty much lived on bread, pasta, soups and cannoli filling for like 4 years. I didn’t gain a pound. #blessed
  31. For me, salty always wins over sweet.
  32. I’ve had an Emergency c-section and VBAC. Exciting times as a mom.
  33. I love doing my makeup – even though I don’t do it often.
  34. I believe in the power of prayer.
  35. Ever heard the term ‘hangry?’ Ask my husband how I am when my blood sugar drops.
  36. I have given my kids and dog hundreds of nicknames. They respond to them all.
  37. I will never be good at laundry or dishes.
  38. My family went to Hawaii every year since I was 14 + I could probably give you decent directions in Maui.
  39. My favorite soup is Pho.
  40. I am allergic to some random stuff – Beef, Banana, Pork, + Avocados
  41. I have over 22,000 photos on my computer. That’s only 4 years worth.
  42. Amazon is my favorite place to shop. It’s my secret weapon when it comes to last minute gift shopping!
  43. Reading is food for my soul. I could sit for hours every day and just read.

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