Christian Women Need to Step It Up

March 25, 2015

Women in Ministry

As I sit down to write this I still don’t know who will be receptive. It comes out strong and I’ve held off publishing it until I felt I had enough insight to share it. At some point calling a spade a spade just needs to be said. It can’t be sugar coated or wrapped up in a bow.

The truth can be really hard to hear and often times when I read things I can easily apply it to other people I know.

But how often do we apply what we’ve learned, to us?

Instead of just agreeing with the pastor on a Sunday morning or proclaiming responses we know people expect from us, when do we start doing what we’re requiring of others?

We talk about grace, forgiveness, loyalty, honesty, and self-control a lot in female circles.

Let’s apply this to me.

For many years I’ve wanted women who have been given a leadership position in church ministry to speak up. To not just speak, but to act in authority and grace. Not just authority, but wise counsel. Active in love, not towering over people with their position of influence.

My heart for women is for all of us to lead from a healthy heart. One that is strong and brave, gracious and trustworthy.

So I’ve been wanting other women to speak up and to speak from healthy places. And not a whole lot of them are doing it. So here’s my go at it. I might not have the influence level of a worship leader, a pastor, a staff person, a global speaker or author, but this woman has been called to SPEAK this year.

So I’m speaking.

Honestly, the areas of leadership we desire so greatly from our women leaders hasn’t existed much in the church cultures I’ve been a part of. I’ve been part of many…coast to coast. Behind the scenes. Granted, there are a handful of women I know and those few rise above. Very few indeed.

I’m speaking to women given specific authority in church leadership. If you have influence, you have power. If you have power, people look to you for wisdom in responses, decision making and pressing forward. Yet, there is a significant lack of this type of leadership.

Christian women…We need to step it up.

The personal insecurities.

The divisiveness.

The territory wars.

Using our positions of authority to manipulate and place fear in those ‘under’ us…yikes. The pandering for political gain, commotion of calculated division, the nonsense of social gossip.

It’s got to stop. When does it stop?

It stops with me. And it stops with you.

When the decision to operate outside of ourselves is made, this stops. That’s the piece we’re missing.

No one is stopping it.

It’s like a freaking snowball, headed downhill that’s already begun to pick up speed. And it’s going. We tend to remain silent from the sidelines watching it roll. Going about our own ministries. Until now, it seems as though many of us are unwilling to stand in front of that snowball and stop it.

Will you join me in stopping it?

If we all realized how great our sphere of influence truly was, and the gifts God has instilled in each of us uniquely, would that shift our focus? We would go from trying to lead with insecurities hanging around our necks, to carving out a purpose and identity that creates a freedom to lead.

I might have 5 people in my close circle. Those 5 people have 5 others that they influence…you get the picture. If there is health fostered, the positive ripple effect is exponential.

If we don’t stop the snowball, the opposite is also exponential.

We tend to complain about the Church not advocating for more female leaders. I would stand right up there with you in agreement, but isn’t it unfair to ask anyone, male or female to promote a leader, regardless of their gender, to lead when they aren’t establishing healthy attributes contingent of a leader?

It’s like hiring an accountant that can’t balance their own checkbook.

Ladies. We aren’t leading that well.

We’re manipulating well. We are prideful in our insecurities. We want to be heard an awful lot, but we’re not saying a whole lot of anything leadership-worthy with our actions towards one another.

Woman to woman. Let’s step up our game.

Andy Stanley says “Do for one” – What happens if we applied that to our influence circle? We can’t solve all the problems. We can’t change someone other than us. What happens if we focused on us as the ONE that we need to invest in.

To lead from healthy places. To be brave and stop the snowball.

We can change our hearts, our attitudes and our minds and impact’s reach will be far greater with outstretched hands.


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