Grapes, Olives, Roses and a Back Massage

March 11, 2015

Backrubs in the front room lead to _____ in the back room. Sorry, had to. Was that just an old church youth group joke or do other people know about that? Don’t leave me hanging here guys. 🙂 You know the ones that you shouldn’t say out loud, but are pretty accurate and hilarious thinking about saying that when I was 16.

This blog has nothing to do with the assumed topic, but it is about Grapes, Olives, Roses and a Back Massage. Say wha??

My husband and I just celebrated our 8 year anniversary. Is anyone getting uncomfortable yet? Massages. Anniversary night. Fugetaboutit! 🙂

To say the least, it’s been a journey. A journey I tell ya! Ups and downs. Lots of blessings. Lots of tears. Lots of change. Last night, I was in the final part of a cleanse I was doing – don’t ask me why I decided to do it over our anniversary. Didn’t plan well there guys.

I had just stopped nursing our youngest, was feeling funky, gaining some weight, and just needed to detox. Day 2 usually stinks because it’s headaches and you just don’t feel great. “Coffee!” my body was screaming. “Puuuuulease, coffee!”

I rested a bunch that day, but by nights end I had a migraine and couldn’t shake it for anything.


Anyone else get debilitating migraines randomly? Mine are like once every couple of years so this one seemed frustrating that it was so close to the last one. Anyways, I asked for a shoulder massage because I could tell there was tension. Without hesitation after a long day, he obliged and rubbed the areas in my neck I knew were tense.

Bravo sir. Eight years of back rub service at he’s still got magic hands. Is this getting weird? I hope not..this is NOT about those kind of massages.

In an effort not to leave out my other shoulder, he rubbed the other side too and he got to a place that felt perfectly okay to me. It didn’t seem to be causing an issue. He pressed his thumb into a little sweet spot and BAM! I felt electric shocks go up to my left eye and down to the tip of my index finger. That little spot must have been the cause of it all, but I never even knew it was there! How could that be?

The main pain wasn’t what was hurting me – per se. It was that dang spot that wouldn’t freaking stop sending pain. It’s always the ones you can’t feel, but they’re hiding. When you go to “work them out” it doesn’t feel real good. It takes forever, it’s painful, it’s a task.

And I usually end up cussing or crying in the process. I know…a bit dramatic.

So why am I talking about my back massage. Well, because I tend to find this story parallels with my life. You know, the life where you’re walking along and things seem fine. There are little symptoms here and symptoms there, but you massage the parts you’re aware of. The ones needing tending to to go on with our daily life.

Our ego. Our insecurities. Our fears.

They’re the typical culprits that get massaged and we go on our way.

But, what do you do when the pain won’t ease up? Steve pressed that d*** spot until I couldn’t deal with the pain anymore. Over and over again, until it loosed and released it’s hold from the muscle. It had a death grip on that piece of me and it was debilitating.

I was not thankful for the pressing in the moment. Nope, it felt bad. After though, the migraine went away almost instantly.

In our lives this same thing can play out when someone or something presses really hard on that trigger spot. We might not even realize THAT is root – that is what’s causing our pain or hurt, but it sure sucks to have it pressed. That much we know. Typically, it’s not until we’re pressed that we even realize how much it controls our other symptoms – the fears and insecurities.

So, I challenge you today. Think about the areas you’ve been pressed. Think of the times in your life that have been extra tough. Maybe it was a personal wounding. An experience that left you bitter or angry. Some of the best things in life are squeezed and pressed to make the finest things. Grapes. Olives. Roses.

Every press is different in what it brings to a person’s life. That’s been true in my life and I’ll share more about those times as I continue to write.

The final part of the press is the best part for me. It’s not when you’re in it, but the outcome of that pressing is unique in what it yields for each person. How cool that our individual experiences can yield unique perspectives and gifts to share with those around us?

It could be someone going through a similar experience who just needs to know they aren’t alone in the pressing stage or it could be someone that needs encouragement; seeing the outcome, the harvest, in someone else’s life.

We all serve so many great purposes. Could the things that break us also be the pieces we’re meant to share with the world?

Remember the grapes. The olives. The roses. I’d love to hear about your wine, oil or perfume harvest.

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