Inside Out Pajamas Make it Snow

February 24, 2015

How Inside Out Pajamas Make it Snow

Just when I’d given up hope on a winter snow this year, my oldest became even more adamant about it happening. This kid. He teaches me so much about each day getting up with enthusiasm, hopeful that the thing everyone said wasn’t going to happen, actually IS going to happen. We don’t live in false realities around here when it comes to cancelled plans or disappointments, but I let his spirit fly free when it comes to weather patterns and make believe bunnies that come to send you on a scavenger hunt.

Now, let’s just be honest here. I need a cup of coffee (or 2) to awake from my sleep-deprived stupor before I can join his party. It’s a lot in the morning and some mornings that joy can be overwhelming.

Sit down.

Stop dancing and finish you waffle please.

Get your shoes on. Jack. Get your shoes on. Now. Jackson, what are you doing?

I’ll usually find him flying around the room imagining he’s an airplane or singing to some song on the TV. “Mama, look at me, this is so fun,” he’ll shout right under my feet as I step away from my second rendeveous with the coffee maker.

Sip the coffee. Sip faster. You need to figure out how to get occupy his mind today.

We had crossed our fingers and hoped for snow so many days. We had done all the things.

“Nuts. Not today bud.”

“Okay, well, we’ll check again in the morning okay Mama? He’d say.

When he got home from preschool yesterday, he said, “We gotta wear our PJ’s inside out and cross our fingers. That will bring snow.” This was a new technique. So I guess we hadn’t really tried all the things to make it snow. So much hope, yet I knew it was probably not going to happen. I didn’t dash his hopes however, but I humored the little person inside.

By this point, I had stopped checking outside each morning. They said snow, but we all knew it wasn’t going to snow because it hadn’t yet and it’s the end of stinking February. It’s not going to snow. I was sure of it.

Changing a diaper this morning and giving sweet hugs to the boys, Steve came in and said, “Hey, did you look outside?”

What?! What? Jack said. His voice was at a level gazillion point 9.

I definitely hadn’t looked – because remember, it’s wasn’t going to snow.

Steve looked at Jack, “Dude, it snowed! The snow finally came.”

Jack’s eyes lit and he exclaimed “Mama! Mama! We did it! (I was thankful he included me in the ‘we’ – even though my lack of hope shouldn’t have earned me that credit)

Mama, we wore our pajamas and crossed our fingers and wished and prayed to Jesus for the snow and it came!

At that moment I snapped out of the sleep stupor (without coffee I might add) and we danced and cheered and got way too excited about a little snow. And it felt good. So good to exclaim that Jack’s hope had been fulfilled in tangible white fluffy snow piles.

It didn’t matter that it was going to melt by the time preschool was over.

It didn’t matter that it wasn’t enough build a snowman. It was just enough to confirm to him, that in a way, He helped make it snow. I’m sure there is a lesson in there for me as a parent and adult.

Life let’s us down – a lot. It can be really hard to continue to hope for things when all things point to “It’s not going to happen.”

Searching for the beauty in life is the rest we all crave and look for.

So today, I pray you find rest in the snow or the sunshine, where ever you are reading from. That you may take a second to exclaim and take notice of the sky’s colors melding into one, the snow covered mailbox in your front yard or the quiet moment to see what’s really in front of us. Not to ponder life’s deepest questions or have a profound understanding of God or peace or the universe. Nope. But, if you have that experience, awesome!

Just a moment to breathe in, take notice and understand that inside out pajamas make it snow…and don’t forget crossed fingers can in fact make it snow.

As for me, we’re having a snowball fight this afternoon. No matter how slushy it is.

It’s on!

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